nyiro asked: Some say that he chews guilty souls instead of a bubble gum and he's not The Stig... he's the Stig's RIDER COUSIN :D [Top Gear theme playing in the background]

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Anonymous asked: Have you been thinking of doing a Rider!AU with The Wolf Among Us or any other video game series?


I haven’t thought that far ahead.

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Anonymous asked: When Edward takes the helm of the Jackdaw in his rider form, does the Jackdaw change with him?

No, it does not change, at least not without the consent of his crew.
Edward respects the brethren of the coast’s custom, devil of the sea or not.


Also, turning an entire ship demands way more efforts than turning a horse or something smaller.

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Anonymous asked: Is Assassin dog a rider too?

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[wild Mr. Gobbles appears]


Hmm… okay, it would be the sixth message that ended up in my askbox instead of going to berunov's one, which means that we're doing a great job by confusing you with our similar themes :'D but why I keep getting messages meant for Diana and she's got none meant for me? xD

Anyway, you better check twice next time or berunov will make me answer you with my shitty drawings again and you don’t want that :P


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Anonymous asked: Loooove your rider stuff. How do you feel about tradd moore's style of drawing rider? Reye's flames are almost a solid thing that could punch you in the face. would you try something like that at all?

Love at first sight ! The energy in his lines punches me in the face everytime and that’s exactly what I love for a Rider.

I gave it a try just for you :

Thanks ! :D

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The Assassin’s Den feat Olivia Morgan

Thank you Olivia :D

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Connor - No it is not but I can turn it into a rider at will. It guards the homestead while I’m away.

Souvenirs, sourvenirs

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Connor - I will not let this happen.

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