Anonymous asked: Hi uhm I was wondering where in France you live because I'm going to be going to France and I'd want to like maybe meet up or something if that isn't weird?

That isn’t weird.
That’s creepy coming from an anon if you ask me… x’D

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Someone said ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity' ?


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Anonymous asked: I am terribly sorry for all of the pesky bloggers previously that may have caused you much stress and such from earlier, but I must ask. Is France as beautiful as they say it is?

Judging by how crowded of tourists a place is, I guess they find it beautiful.

Notre Dame de Paris, for example, been there today after work… I wanted to get in but…

Yeah those people were waiting to get in too.

And here’s some more crowd.

Guess who didn’t got in there….

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nyiro asked: Some say that he chews guilty souls instead of a bubble gum and he's not The Stig... he's the Stig's RIDER COUSIN :D [Top Gear theme playing in the background]

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Anonymous asked: Have you been thinking of doing a Rider!AU with The Wolf Among Us or any other video game series?


I haven’t thought that far ahead.

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Anonymous asked: When Edward takes the helm of the Jackdaw in his rider form, does the Jackdaw change with him?

No, it does not change, at least not without the consent of his crew.
Edward respects the brethren of the coast’s custom, devil of the sea or not.


Also, turning an entire ship demands way more efforts than turning a horse or something smaller.

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Anonymous asked: Is Assassin dog a rider too?

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